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Micromax is a multinational mobile phone brand, partly owned by Akshay Kumar the famous Indian actor. Operating in more then 29 countries across the globe and winner of best design and marketing awards for three years.


Now introducing for the first time in Pakistan, the world's first mobile phone with an in-built blue tooth headset





The OwnaBusiness! Micromax "Van Gogh" mobile phone franchise will give you a complete package, with training and guidance for starting your very own mobile phone business in Pakistan. This will be your first stepping stone into the entrepreneur world of owning your own business, with the least chance of losing your investment. 

The Micromax "Van Gogh" mobile phone is a revolutionary design. It is the world's first mobile phone with an in-built dock able blue tooth headset with self charging. The phone is for Two Sim's and has a camera, FM radio and a Media player with a 3.5 mm jack. The funky colors and the unique small design makes it a fashion statement. It is one of the companies fastest selling brand abroad.

Total Franchise Cost: Rs. 50,00,000

Franchise will include: 

Complete ownership for "Van Gogh" brand in Pakistan

One year warranty provided by Micromax company of Pakistan

1,000 "Van Gogh" Micromax mobile hand sets

5,000 "Van Gogh" promotional posters

Copy of Official Van Gogh TV advertisement featuring Akshay Kumar for cable TV

1,000 Micromax "Van Gogh" business cards

Official "Van Gogh" launch party for you and your friends

To run this franchise is very easy. Just promote this material through the promotional material provided and sit back and wait for the sales. Once the sales have established then you will have to travel to other cities in Pakistan and sell franchises to the local businesses there. During all this, we will help guide you in any areas of the business that seem difficult. 

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is interested in electronics, mobiles and fashion. Owning such a powerful brand means that it will be easy for customers to recognize your product and business. Your investment is safe in the mobile phones stock, which is high value stock and can be easily sold in the market. And we will provide you help and guidance to get your business up and running quickly because we want you to develop the "Van Gogh" mobile phones in Pakistan.

Click her for Video of Van Gogh


If you are interested in owning this franchise then please contact me on ownabusiness_pak@yahoo.com